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Hair Diseases :

The hair and skin diseases are among the most frequent in the human body, often little tricky but very annoying, even for a matter of aesthetics. Are often due to infections, exposure to light, pollutants, chemicals, inflammation, stress, individual allergies as well as genetic and family. The best ways to combat them have proper hygiene and nutrition. The hair and skin should be kept clean and moisturized (without excess), but washing too often, especially with harsh detergents, can destroy the skin's lipid protection and expose it to flaking or pathogens and the power supply must always be taken care of, varied and controlled. Some nutritional deficiencies can send in suffering hair and skin: a strict vegetarian diet without organic food can, in the long term, lead to a reduction of iron and trace elements and cause hair loss. Dandruff also depends on the bowel without malfunction, it is a widespread disease and much feared, especially from the aesthetic point of view. The scalp looks covered with abundant whitish desquamation. These small flakes, dried and pearl, are nothing but remnants of dead cells, whose replacement happens more quickly than normal. This excessive flaking, called dandruff, is often accompanied by itching. Dandruff can also be countered by recourse to natural remedies, hair with dandruff not only represent an aesthetic problem that can cause psychological distress: it is also a disease that affects the scalp, which is determined by various elements. They are in fact several causes that contribute to the formation of dandruff. This can be a diet too rich in fat, you may be subject to the problems affecting the metabolism, to digestive disorders, but also stress has a significant effect. Both dry flakes and for that fat there are different causes and remedies. The use of natural substances is an excellent solution for hair health. You can try for example with the rosemary reduced to powder, which, combined with the salt, should be passed on the scalp for at least two times per week. Many resort to supplements for dandruff for hair health. In fact it would be best to develop a specific beauty mask consisting of eucalyptus extract, rosemary, tea, jojoba oil, to be applied for twenty minutes once a week. It's not about remedies to treat your hair only in summer but all year, paying special attention to the changes of season. Other natural remedies for dandruff consist of an egg lotion, combined with warm water or in the use of lemon, which, cut in half, to be passed directly on the scalp before rinsing.

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